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13May09 Lots done ... but SSB not transmitting!


Mains'l hoisted!
Mast stepped means mains'l can be hoisted! 
View of stern steelwork
View of stern steelwork

Support for solar panels, wind generator, radar and antennae.


    Stainless Lopolight bow navlight fitting on pulpit.
Electronics are still not complete and working as they should be - the firm helping with the final stages of installation and sorting out of wiring problems are playing 'silly devils' and it's very frustrating so often to be kept waiting, expecting someone to turn up - which they finally do several days later but only for that day - when one or two solid days' work would see all finished - unimpressive company ethic...!  Grrr!!  Not a company I'll be recommending to anyone!

My latest problem is finding the SSB (long range) radio isn't transmitting - a good thing I'd arranged for a radio check with a radio guy nearby.  I suspect some coax connectors & propose removing some unecessary ones to simplify things - the fewer the connections, the less chance of problems. 

'Yachting Sports', who are helping me in so many ways, have come up with their usual good practical solutions to various problems I've thrown at them.  For instance, it's proved impossible to use the nice Selden removable bowsprit I thought I'd be using to push out the foot of the asymmetric spinnaker so as not to trash the pulpit when flying it, the problem being caused by the Rocna anchor stowed on the bow roller.  We're having to fabricate a stainless bowsprit instead - but that's coming along well and will shortly be ready.

Organizing secure stowage has kept me preoccupied for several days now - measuring all the different sized/shaped spaces and touring the local supermarkets to find the right sized bins to use to prevent contents falling out when locker fronts are opened, along with trying to fix loose tops of lockers everywhere.   I've also been getting together a comprehensive toolkit - I need to be able to make repairs in the future no matter where I am.

The sail now has a cover - photo to come when the present rain stops (I've been quite lucky with weather - rather cold and ofen very windy but not much rain).  Over the next few days, I might actually get sailing - although I need to calibrate all the instruments and I'm still waiting for chain to arrive from Italy.   Amazingly, it has been difficult to find H.T. chain in stock here so I was forced to speak to the manufacturer to organize delivery - that's going to be an interestingpractical proposition... it's heavy stuff!

 Hydrovane, solar panels, swimladder and name!

Written by : Mike

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