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Mast is stepped .... "Nereida" is getting closer to sailing...

Home is where Nereida is.......!   Main cabin..... before (temporary) chaos of final wiring of instruments took over! 
main cabin on Nereida April09   

Celebrating the naming of Nereida on Sat 18th April '09 at Hamble Point .......

".... wonder what Neptune thinks of this 'bubbly'...?"


 Nereida was in chaos today (Friday) with work on deck and down below (instruments, solar panels, wind generator, mast steps - all being seen to) but she looked beautiful  and peaceful last week, having just been named.....!

More photos to come..... Windsteering (Hydrovane) was fitted last Monday and it's nice to see a mast and sails...!   More work to do this coming week, bu the major items should soon be finished .... maybe I'll get sailing soon, but lots of 'toys' to play with, & figure out how they work, in the meantime!

Written by : Mike

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