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1st September 2017 Work on board continues!! Good progress being made....

Wednesday 30th August  - another lovely sunny day in Victoria.
I spent a short time ambling around the shops in the historic Hudson Bay Centre .... A highly interesting old 'multiple clock' hangs high up, referencing the Imperial era when it was built (see photos). 
One reason for my trip into town was to buy ‪a good electronic cleaner for corrosion...for mast top connections on wind transducer & other small connectors on board.... I'd finally located a source here in Victoria.  I also visited several recommended sources for a spare solenoid valve for my autopilot, without any luck.

Friday 1st September 
Amazing how difficult getting four screws through four holes into wood can be when a) access is limited so the drill won't fit available space b) it's very difficult to mark the positions of the holes correctly c) you don't have long enough screws... ( See photo of replacement battery switch now installed)  But many thanks to Peter of RVYC Foreshore office for generously giving me the screws I needed - avoiding a bus trip into town. It still took quite a time to complete the job - but it's  done now. 

Peter later also helped out with a wiring problem I was having - he crimped on a heavy duty connection I needed but didn't have.  (Soldering was not working out as a makeshift solution to my problem - despite using lots of solder, it just demonstrated my lack of skill!!) 

Having finally resolved that problem, I was able to add in the antenna extension needed (via the below-deck  portion of the antenna feed wire to the tuner) to avoid a problem on 14300kHz that I unexpectedly found after replacing the tuner and control cable with the ones that Icom America so kindly provided.  I'm delighted to confirm success with that - the small extra length of cable added in to the antenna works to resolve the problem!!  My HF/SSB radio is now working beautifully on all frequencies - many thanks yet again to Icom America  for their generous support.

The mainsail was removed for checking over - it needs a few small repairs.  It's always so much easier and quicker to remove it with a friend's help - thank you, Andy ('Foolish Muse'), for coming by after work (and delivering it to the loft for me).

Making progress on locating a replacement solenoid valve for the autopilot - in UK...  Raymarine are being helpful... And also hoping to replace some broken (plastic) Lewmar parts soon - in contact with Lewmar USA.

Thanks to another RVYC member AJ ('Fiasco') for picking up my aft cabin cushions this morning.   Another step achieved in organising the boat better for the long trip coming up..... Now for some sorting out - it will be nice to get into a less chaotic state down below ....

Weather has been great again today -hope it keeps for the long holiday weekend here in N. America ....  


Written by : Jeanne Socrates