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20 yrs since America's Cup came to San Diego!

Well, there's been a big celebration this weekend at San Diego Y.C. of the 1987 win by 'Stars & Stripes', quite a few of the original crew attending the big dinner tonight (Saturday 3rd Feb)- chatted to quite a few people attending event. A replica (built 1996) of 'America' came in to the dock in front of the clubhouse this morning - lovely-looking, BIG boat!
I managed to get quite a few 'fixings' done today - including cockpit mount for C70 display & remote wireless control plus wiring & connectors. Need to deal with replacement 12V outlets in saloon and copper strip to ATU tomorrow - after moving slip from A19 to D4, in front of clubhouse.
Yesterday, returned to SDYC via 'short cut' close to shore after Mark finished installing last few mast steps. Steve Harrison did an excellent, solid job adding bushings & bolts to the gooseneck & vang fittings & the boom was put back in place. A shroud needs replacing and the new wind transducer needs to be fixed at the mast top. Also the mainsheet needs replacing. Later that day, I biked up and down hills (!) to 'Sports Chalet' to buy new dive fins - great view over to Mission Bay on the way back. Excellent burrito bought for lunch/tea on way back also. Arranged for dive cylinders to be collected on Monday for re-filling, if possible - may not be acceptable in the USA!
Thursday morning, I had motored around to the dock at Butler Rigging - tight squeeze in between jetties & boats to berth, manhandled in by Mark and Stephen. Later, as Mark was busy riveting the new mast steps, I had excellent news from Jeppesen/Nobeltec - David Neal called to say they had decided to let me have the entire world charts coverage - fantastic news! That partly compensated for the bad event of Tuesday when my daypack was stolen from in front of the bar here at SDYC, along with my yellow Coca Cola baseball cap (that I was particularly fond of!) - not that the daypack and contents were that valuable, but unfortunately I'd put my new AIS stand-alone unit in it with a view to getting a mount for it - so that now needs to be replaced from England.
Thursday evening was very sociable and pleasant. I biked along the foreshore on a footpath to reach the South Western Y.C., on the opposite side of the bay from SDYC, for Dennis Conners' amusing talk on 'Cotton Blossom', her renovation and his campaign in the Classic Boat Regattas in France & Italy last year. I met up with Jack (Sutphen), whose guest I was, and the talk was preceded by a buffet - no 'burgers this night!

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