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Monday 29Jan07 Still dealing with instruments and wiring!

Have been very busy making very slow progress - everything takes so long! Have now tidied up wiring behind cockpit instrument panel, finding several surplus wires and reducing stupidly over-long ones in several cases. Cleaned up mucky area where I'd used sticky tape to hold back-up autopilot control head in place for several months and then fixed gaskets behind all the new instruments and fixed them in place properly - which involved cutting the fibreglass behind the cockpit instrument panel for a good fit. I'm now in the middle of cutting out a large hole in a panel behind the chart table for a new 'multi' (graphic) display. I traced some wires down to the chart table - may leave a couple for future use (possible NMEA, 12V power supply) - and then turned my attention to the aft cabin. I'm now having to sleep in the saloon until I've finished there!
I found that the 5A fuse had blown on the course computer, explaining why it hasn't been working recently! But I also found, on doing more wire tracing, that the colours were, as I'd been suspecting for some time, not always as they should have been when connected up at the chart table end of the run - black=data and clear=ground was a very confusing way of wiring things - a problem left over from the Vancouver 'expert' re-wiring! Problem was resolved, in the cockpit area also, by keeping to black=ground and yellow/clear = data (found thin, black, heatshrink tubing came in handy in places)
Last Friday had an evening off work when Ed Letzring, of SDYC, invited me to join him with some friends on his motoryacht 'Abracadabra' for a trip out to the protected bay outside Shelter Island - lovely to be moving on water once more - even in a 'stink pot'!! Afterwards, we went to 'La Scala' Italian restaurant - had a very enjoyable evening & it was really nice to relax in company for a change! I'm also looking forward to Thursday evening - Jack Sutphen, also of SDYC, phoned me this morning to ask if I'd like to join him & some friends going to a talk Dennis Conners is giving at the South Western Y.C. nearby - to be preceded by 'burgers' at the 'Boll Weevil' - reputedly the best place for them in town!!
It actually rained for the first time late this afternoon!
I stayed up really late (until 2am!) to phone England (9-10am GMT) to chase up people. Musto are being really good and helpful on the clothing front - I'll be well kitted out when that arrives in a few days' time. Others assured me that they have not forgotten me and things will definitely be happening very soon.... we'll see..!

Written by : Mike

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