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New equipment arrives - but slow on wiring front!

It was lovely & hot working in the cockpit this afternoon!  I was busy adding an extra length of cable to depth transducer cable so it would reach display unit (needed 6 butt connectors, shrink wrap - and eventual soldering of one joint to make good).  Seemed to take forever - very fiddly, & I'm too inexperienced & have to think what I'm doing all the time..! Want to shorten some of the other over-long cables nearby  tomorrow. Still trying to identify some cables - Ray Marchetta, who'll be helping me here at SDYC, kindly lent me a device for tracking hidden wires (as used for tracking/identifying buried telephone wires...!) - so I should be able to identify/find all my unknown wires now, given time!
Finally received new Raymarine equipment - thought the radar scanner looked too large to fit within stern arch metalwork - but, although it is slightly larger than the old one, it should fit fine - sigh of relief! Will be fitted next Wednesday, if not before - definitely need help handling that scanner - it's quite bulky and awkward.
The gooseneck parts are due to arrive from SeldenUS on Monday - so should see that (and mast-steps) done by Tuesday, hopefully.
Time marches on...... 1st February is next Thursday.....

Written by : Mike

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