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21Feb07-San Diego farewell

20Feb07-San Diego
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Wed 21stFeb07: Well - I thought I was leaving SD last night (1am) - but radar input to C70 display wasn't there - so, at 2am, got some sleep instead and kindly Ray Marchetta dropped everything to come by in the morning to fix the problem - ended up as faulty wiring & splices put in place by appalling electrician who 'worked' on boat at Hamble Point, UK, in '98... by midday, all working but took some sorting out! Thank you, Ray! I'm getting ready to leave tonight, soon after 8pm, to arrive Ensenada by approx 8am tomorrow.
Last Friday, my Musto parcel arrived - put to good use last night - lovely warm fleece trousers and warm tops to combat low overnight temps (will be wearing again tonight - felt really warm & comfortable). Lovely waterproof, fleece-lined jacket (in 'girlie' lilac!!) came also - looks good!
Have been so busy since then trying to buy 'bosun's stores', hoping I've not overlooked anything. Expected to be able to leave Monday - but couldn't reach US Homelands Security (Customs etc to you & me!) on Sat (on phone) to find out about clearing out on Sunday (...closed). Monday was President's Holiday & all gov. offices closed.. So had to wait until Tues. to clear out - and then had lots of shopping to get done (thank you so much for the 'chauffering' Ted!). Some provisioning was for several months (until Australia) for items not easily obtainable in S. Pacific Islands or Mexico. Then lots of re-packing of forepeak (had re-packed aft cabin, after completion on wiring there, last Fri/Sat).
As I was dealing with taking out the log impeller, to clean & replace it, Jack (Sutphen) came by to wish me 'fair winds' - amazing guy - so very nice and, at 89, still beating everyone in 'round-the-cans' races!! (Taught Dennis Conner....)
Took several hours to calibrate instruments yesterday afternoon, & check Nobeltec inputs and chartplotter displays before moving south - lots of new things to learn...will take a time to come to grips with it all. When I got back to the dock in the early evening dark, Ed
(Letzring) was waiting with a bottle of champagne to wish me 'bon voyage' - thanks Ed - lovely thought!!
So it's Mexico next...... so long as nothing else goes wrong.....!!!

Written by : Mike

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