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27th September 2017 - departure date decided

Wednesday 27th Sept - Westport Marina, Tsehum Hbr, B.C.

Departure date has now been set for next Thursday 5th October.... weather permitting.
Fresh eggs were ordered for next Wednesday from Firbank Farm - 11 dozen again.  With daily turning, they should last four months, kept out of the fridge (which will be turned off most of the time).
My original plan to launch from the hard at Westport marina on Friday morning, ready for a Monday departure from Victoria, was clearly not feasible. There's still work needed over the next few days - so I postponed our  'splash' to Sunday afternoon, ready for some Monday morning rigging work. When that's complete, Paul of Leitch & McBride will bring a new staysail and repaired mainsail to the boat and then I'll  make for Victoria.

Yesterday, Maggie wet sanded the keel after spending time on the propellor, Robert finished the AP rewiring, I cut out and then filled a small crack in the filler outside the rudder bearing (not structural... 'cosmetic', I was assured) and started replacement of all zincs.  
In the afternoon, Geoff came over from Blackline to see to a few small rigging issues (more to do on inner forestay when back in water soon), I had a few visits from friends ...and Darren nearly finished polishing the hull - it's looking good!

For checking on final provisioning needs, it's helpful having the small digital scales brought over by Elaine for measuring small portions so I can multiply up for 8 months or so...
Today the propeller and propshaft were made ready for a Propspeed application - I love the shining bronze of the cleaned bare metal of the Autoprop before the eco-friendly  clear silicone coating is applied.  I also prepared the Hydrovane rudder for a Coppercoat  repair to some small bare patches.

Robert re-made some diesel pipework incorporating a new filter below the cabin heater tank, fixed in place a difficult zinc and soldered the control cable connection to the Icom SSB/HF radio - more good jobs completed.
I was sorry when Maggie headed for the ferry - it's been great to have her here, albeit briefly.
Tonight's work is to stow everything that was moved from the aft cabin over the last few days so work could be done there.
Hopefully, I'll get the cabins back to some semblance of order soon! 

Written by : Jeanne Socrates