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Day 11: Thursday 24th Nov 2016

=-10.30pm Wed/ 0630 Thurs GM

Decided to have a look at genset despite it being dark - had to use a headlamp anyway, so what difference? It still died after trying to start so looked at starter motor terminals and disconnected the wire from the chart table switch. As expected, when I tried to start it nothing at all happened - confirmig I had the correct wire. When I tried to short across the terminals of the start motor, to get it to start, nothing happened, apart from a small spark, with or without the switch connected.

Went back to chart table switch and tried starting again - it started but as I quickly went to the genset, expecting to hear it dying, it kept going - but white smoke was billowing out from it - i hurriedly shut it down! There seemed to be a lot of water everywhere and I remembered that I'd already noticed some water in the engine sump which had seemed odd. Water still seemed to be dripping everywhere after I stopped it... I removed the back cover and started it again, getting back to it as fast as possible to see where the problem lay - quickly stopping it once I'd seen where the water seemed to be coming from - the fresh water side of things.. After being stopped, water continued to come out from the same area and I'd seen white smoke (steam?) comig from the back of the fresh water tank

This was turning into a bigger pron\blem than expected. Interestingly, the motor had fired up well on that last attempt but with the fresh water cooling not happening, I didn't want to risk further damage by running the generator any longer than I had already.

6.30 am / 1430 GMT First light, a lot of broken cloud. Gybed mainsail with wind having backed to NW. Genoa on pole to starboard. Running downwind still. Wind still very light - mostly 5-8kt - so sails slatting a lot in the slight swell - 2m from NW. Running engine to charge. AP on - uses power... Eastern sky beginning to show a streak of colour....

10.20 am Been busy in the galley while I had my breakfast - dishes and pans needed a good washing and general clearing up. Also took the time to clean the cabin sole of the oil there from the spillage a few days back. Meant I also had to clean the soles of my boots and deck shoes as well, of course.

Had sensed an increase in our motion - on checking - sure enough, the wind had come up - to around 16 kt from NW, giving SOG just under 6 kt. Expecting light wind all day - so a pleasant surprise to find the boat moving nicely - but will check up-to-date weather info - don't want to be caught out by the approaching Front, as I was last time!

11am - That was short-lived! Wind dying.... down to 12kt, SOG 4.5kt.

5-6pm Thurs LT/1-2am Fri GMT Wind slowly died further but we've been making reasonable speed - not becalmed, as I'd feared we would be.. Used calmer seas to check items on deck. Have closed up and taped the two rings on the staysail Furlex fitting. Gooseneck connection to mast is moving more than I'd like - making a loud banging noise quite often as vertical bolt moves in what must be an enlarged hole as the boom tries to move with the action of the sail. Noticed a split pin on the gooseneck/boom connection was working loose - I've had that one come out before now, with the pin nearly lost and the boom nearly swinging loose as a result, so I always keep a good eye on it.. Turned the split pin ends back some more - they were getting straightened, ready for the pin to come out in the near future!

Took the pole down - possibly might regret doing so but seemed best to get it stowed away. Meant lines had to be dealt with and genoa sheet re-run differently back to cockpit.

Work on the freshwater cooling side of the genset has mainly involved drying the area all around and looking for obvious damage - none seen so far - work will continue on that this evening. Water must be getting out from somewhere - just have to find the place, if I can...

Written by : Jeanne Socrates