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Day 18 from Hobart - close to the centre of a Low - stormy weather...

Thursday 17th May 2012 (GMT) - hove-to overnight into Friday

Seems we were right in the area where the Low was forming last night and early this morning - explains the light wind overnight.

Air pressure went down to 985 around daybreak with a gentle SSW wind of 11kt and lots of heavy rain - we were sailing nicely. By 9am, we had 14-18kt of wind, but it increased in under two hrs to near 30kt and within two more hrs, to 35-38. It was gusting up to 40kt with big seas having built up - we had to heave to.

From wxfaxes, it looks as though I was really close to the newly-forming Low centre - but pressure is now rising so hopefully, winds will ease soon so I can get underway . We've been hove-to since midday. The heavy rainsqualls cleared away to give mainly clear skies near sunset - lots of stars tonight. Wind is still around 35kt tonight, with pressure having increased slightly to 992hPa.

Hope to be underway sometime early tomorrow.... if wind eases sufficiently.

DMG today: 66n.ml. - the result of those almost non-existent winds last night.

I got started on my repair jobs - but they had to go on hold once the seas got up .. too difficult being thrown around, to get on with those jobs - they'll have to wait...

Written by : Mike

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