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Day 19 from Hobart - wind down, so underway at 4am - nice sailing over the day

Friday 18th May 2012

Although the seas were still big, at about 5m, the wind had eased enough by 4am to get sailing again - with poled-out staysail and main goose-winged, in 27kt of SW wind, we were making around 6 knots. By sunset, the wind had veered slowly into the W and eased to just 15 kt.

It's been pleasant sailing, with occasional rain this morning and scattered light clouds this afternoon, except for being thrown around every so often by the big swell - I've a small bump on my forehead from when I got caught out one time!

I've even seen a few birds - two great albatross, at least one of them a juvenile for sure - so distinctive with their pale faces contrasting with their dark body - and 2-3 other smaller birds - too far away to identify but it was still nice to see them nearby.

Not quite sure where the time went (maybe it was just nice to feel relaxed, in pleasant conditions?!), but I didn't get anywhere further with either of the autopilot hydraulic pumps nor the generator seawater pump - which is lying on the cabin sole, waiting .

DMG today, similar to yesterday, was 66 n.ml - half the usual, due to being hove to from midday yesterday to 4 a.m. but making a good speed this morning.

Another 'blow' is possible this weekend, with two Fronts passing by ... All depends on how far north I am by then. I've spent a lot of time again today, downloading weatherfaxes, getting other useful weather info and trying to decide on the best course to steer, partly with the approaching Low & Fronts in mind - always a bit of a lottery...

Written by : Mike

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