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Day 2 to Zihuatanejo - very light wind.... motoring

Monday 6th March 2017

Nearing sunset, 25ml SSE of Manzanillo. Cooked a meal while still light- some eggs are still OK - amazing!

Swell has died down a bit - not quite so mixed in direction nor so close together nor as big as earlier so being thrown around less ... but still noticeable - from SE now, not NW.

Making 125T at 5.0 kt; wind very light ~ 3 kt from SE. Has been quite cloudy most of the day - 90% now.

Barometer: 1009 and steady for last 6 hrs Air: 31.0C Sea: 27.0C

Overmight - still motoring but sea surface very smooth now, with so little wind - 3-5 kt only.

Got VHF call from 'Miguel Hidalgo' - tanker headed to Topolobampo at S end of Sea of Cortez - "Port-to-port" he said - so that was how we agreed to pass each other safely - just half a mile apart in the moonless darkness but perfectly safe - his lights were very clear and reflected in the sea surface.

Spent a short time on HF radio around 5am, making contact with stations mainly on or near East coast but also Prince Edward Island, Phoenix, Missouri, a well as Indonesia and another in Australia - both of whom I've spoken to several times before.

100 miles from Zihuataneho -ETA overnight Tues/Wed ~2-3am if this speed is kept up - awkard timing...

Written by : Jeanne Socrates