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Day 27 from Hobart - Low starrts up not far to N of us...

Saturday 26th May 2012 (GMT)

Around 8am Big squall - winds to 30+kt .. all OK...

9am - Dave, on Tony's Net, says Low centre tomorrow will be where I am now, having come almost due S overnight to get here - so need to head W of N now to avoid it, not keep heading E of N, as we have been, in hope Low would head SE more....

On deck to change course - to downwind.. so need to pole out staysail... Took a time, but got the little pole organized and stays'l finally goosewinged with mains'l - heading NW .

Down below ... cleared up and stowed all loose items - had plenty to do in aft cabin after dealing with AP there a day or so back.....cover on generator also had to be fixed in place (in middle of that job still!), then on to tools - made sure all stowed safely in place... on to main cabin & galley: fridge top and dry locker top - both locked down.. Taking no chances with possible stormy weather ahead!

Downloading weatherfaxes and gribs... Wind generator is putting in plenty of amps now fuse changed - one I recently used was clearly faulty - replaced yesterday, so needing to run engine to charge batteries much less now.

As always, sailing downwind is so much more pleasant - seas have built up quite a bit but we hardly notice them now - unkike earlier today when they were more beam on and throwing us about a lot. It's still very rolly though - have to be careful moving around. Sun gets out occasionally, which is nice to see... We're having quite a nice sail just now (early afternoon).

- was just cooking a meal when realized boat motion was different - on deck to find mains'l was backed in strong wind ,... had to take the wheel and get us back on course - probably due to a big wave coinciding with a strong gust or squall.

Still very rolly in big seas still running. Wind this evening around 30 knots - up and down.

Waiting to see how Low affects us. We're presently heading away fom Tahiti so don't want to continue on this course any longer than necessary Hopefully, as Low moves down to SE, winds will turn to NW-N and weI'll be able to sail in a better direction.

DMG today: 126 n.ml.

Written by : Mike

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