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Day 45 from Cape Town to Hobart - stayed hove to all day - waiting for big swel

Thursday 22nd March 2012

Kept checking weather info all day long - several grib files downloaded. Tried to persuade myself that maybe it would be OK to get under way, with wind down to around 20-24kt,sometimes less, but each time I looked out to see how the seas were doing - I was quickly persuaded to stay put! They've been big all day and increased towards tonight - BIG! So we've been rocking and rolling all day - excellent exercise, even when seated!!

Having failed to make radio contact twice today, I was thoroughly relieved to get a late email tonight from Petr on 'Singa' - TG I had stayed up late, as usual, so I got the reassurance that he's OK, has managed to replace his damaged mainsail and has been underway in reasonable conditions - although the swell I've been trying to avoid is clearly headed his way now... Difficult not to worry, having not managed to make contact over the day, after his bad experience of yesterday... but he's fine now, although without his parachute anchor for strong conditions.

Not much else to report.... Mainly dull, grey day today, with usual albatrosses, petrels & shearwaters for company, although few in number. Spent several long sessions watching the seas - impressive! Had usual radio chat with Greg, who was only making 2-3 kt in lovely sunshine - trapped by the High to my W, which is fast catching up with me... He was happy to get a few jobs done and dry out things a bit.... and thinking of starting his engine, maybe. I was pleased when my genset started up tonight - my 'fix' has clearly worked!

With our drift, despite being hove-to, we made DMG of 36 n.ml. today!! In the right direction, what's more... due E!

Cape Pasley is 370 n.ml. due N; 1144 n.ml. of sailing to reach Hobart

Better get some sleep if we're to move tomorrow early-ish....

Written by : Mike

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