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Day 46 from Cape Town to Hobart - under way finally!

Friday 23rd March 2012

Brief report today....

Got under way around 6:30am LT - so lovely to be sailing, despite the still large seas! But they weren't anywhere like as rough as they had been, so sailing has been good and quite fast, in winds of SW-SSW 22-24kt, gusting 28kt or so at times.

Skies have been mainly overcast, with some light rain, although at one point this morning, there was blue sky to the S and a fogbank to our N - weird! Tonight, there are some stars out but it's difficult to see how much cloud there is with no moon!

Wind has died toward evening - we're struggling to make over 4.5kt just now - and the weather news is grim - looks as though a Big Fat High is going to sit over us for several days, extending right down almost to 50S... bad news.... No avoiding it and it will be difficult to move far in such light winds - so that will put the ETA back quite a bit...

Time for sleep ... The best we can do is to head SE as we're doing ... que sera, sera..

DMG today, not having got underway until 2230 GMT, was 85 n.ml. - not too bad!

Sailing distance to Hobart: 1071 n.ml.

Written by : Mike

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