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Day 6 Mon 24th Oct - big winds and seas...

1.30pm LT Has been good to have Iridium phone to contact USCG and Bill, KI4MMZ about the nasty conditions out here. Many thanks to Luis Soltero of Global Marine Network for providing me with the Redport Aurora and unlimited free air-time - a very generous gesture. It also enables me to get almost instant weather updates using PredictWind - handy when bad weather is around.

Winds are over 50kt now with seas from SSE to match. I just had to tie the wheel midships after noticing it has worked loose and we were being steered to starboard - the one thing I don't want just now.

The JSD has, unfortunately, lost its shackle attachment to the boat's port quarter so we are attached only by the starboard line. The result of that is the boat lying off to starboard somewhat - hence my comment about the wheel needing to be centred firmly (if not held to port perhaps).

With the increased wind, we're making way at just over 3 knots, rather than the previous 2 knots. For the moment, we've plenty of sea room. Assuming we get through this storm, a worry is the next system - if we can get further W before it reaches us, we should be able to avoid the worst of the winds.

Another concern is having big seas from two different directions when the present wind veers to SW from its present SSE, as it's supposed to quite soon.

Just now, I'm simply 'hanging in there' and hoping for the best....

5pm Wind is up again. Pressure has stayed around 990 for several hours now. By tomorrow morning, things should ease.... I can't wait!

8.45pm Just finished with Pacific Seafarers' Net - I'm lucky to have so many good friends out there but I'm sorry they have reason to be concerned about my situation out here - hopefully, by Thursday night, all will be far better! Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and thoughts.

photo on 24 10 2016Had to tie down steering wheel while lying to JSD (Jordan series drogue) on Monday.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates