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Day 67 towards Cape Horn - still some fog, overcast, better wind ....

I'd like to wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year 2013 ................ from Jeanne on "Nereida"

Thursday 27th December 2012

Weather very much like yesterday - damp, grey, often foggy (or nearly so!) but with a good following wind and good-sized following seas - giving quite frequent, but gentle, surfing and plenty of rolling around.

A solitary bird spotted at a distance on one of the rare occasions I popped my head up to check all was well and to note swell size, direction and period for my daily weather report to Winlnk/Yotreps and a later one to Pacific Seafarers' Net.. Both get posted to Shiptrak, as well. If you go to www.shiptrak.com/kc2iov, I think you'll see my track on Google Earth. Takes a time to load because of the many positions it has to show - especially if you choose the 'all' tab option, which goes back to 2004!!!

Continued with my reading, in between clearing up in galley and later making a ham pasta carbonara - enough for tomorrow as well! The book ('Mauritius Command') talks about sea areas I know, and passages I've made, so is even more relevant and interesting .

Weather looks good for next few days, although wind might increase a bit more (to Force 6, maybe) over Fri/Sat as a Low passes S, before becoming a gentler Force 4-5 again as we 're overtaken by High pressure afterward.... Around the Cape, weather has been remarkably gentle - I cann't believe that will continue for much longer!

Although it gets unreliable after 3-5 days, I've just sent off for a longer-term grib forecast for the approach to Cape Horn, just out of interest...

Tested out my satphone this evening - won't take incoming calls (caller gets put straight through to a voicemail box) and I tried to make an outgoing call - but nothing happened... Handset is getting power but not functioning. Must definitely take a look inside it tomorrow, in case something obvious has happened...

Moved into another time zone tonight: GMT - 6 hr (=CST in N. America) , having crossed 97.5W

24hr DMG at 4pm (2300GMT): 117 n.ml. Cape Horn was 1249 n.ml. away (but my waypoint well S of C. Horn was 1283 n.ml. away) & our nearest land is now the Chile coast: 905 n.ml. away to E, on the Peninsula de Taitao, by the Gulf of Penas. Punta Galera, just SW of Valdivia, was 1122 n.ml. away to the E and New Zealand's East Cape (its closest point to us) was 3574 n.ml to the W.


For my positions, see:
www.svnereida.com - 'Travels' - "Where is 'Nereida'?"
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