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Day11 Thurs5Apr07 Rainy night & morning

Soon after sunset yesterday (Wed), dolphins came by just before it got really dark - they played around & jumped over the waves for a bit.

Only putting fridge on 2-3 (short) times daily - has helped enormously with far less need for charging with generator - just keeping things cool inside. Had curry again tonight. Might get 3rd portion tomorrow - heated it up really well in hope it might last another day...

Still no joy at all with Winlink- my signal must be too weak for good connection. (Wow! - actually managed to send last 4 days' Posn. Reports just now...!) Think the only reason I'm getting into Sailmail is their set-up must be stronger - takes no time at all to download from them, but an age to upload my emails... I often spend ages with an incompleted 'terminated' connection ... very frustrating & time-consuming.

Sat in cockpit later last night - beautiful moon - path of silver across sea to 'Nereida'.


Quite a few showers overnight and during morning, but no squalls!

Still no Winlink connection.....

Changed course just after noon, trying to keep better wind while making more westing & (hopefully) get less ITCZ problems by crossing further W. According to grib files, lighter winds will be to S of this course over next few days. Had to change pole & genoa over (all took an age, as usual!),

Slept, read, had coffee/tea/water/juice (not mixed!), now about to try Winlink again (1750 PDT) - if no joy, will try Sailmail.... Sky clear again, sailing nicely with well over a knot of Equatorial Current helping us along - excellent!

Written by : Mike

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