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Day12 Fri6Apr07 Trade wind sailing...!

Lovely day today - perfect Trade winds sailing...!! Having to keep out of the sun - very hot (32C)! Just 3 baby flying fish to clear from decks this morning.
Read a lot - VERY relaxed, just sitting in companionway, keeping out of sun, in a nice breeze, mug of tea at tea-time....
Wind has dropped just a little over afternoon - now down to ~13kn, boatspeed ~5.4kn, SOG 6.7kn - can't complain at that!

Forgot to put yesterday's distance etc:
Thursday: 1800 GMT position: 09deg 19' N; 119deg 05' W . 24hr distance run by log: 117 n.ml. (actually 125 ml over ground)

Today's (Friday) 1800 GMT position: 08deg 42' N; 121deg 25' W . 24hr distance run by log: 124 n.ml. (actually 144 ml over ground)

Can see effect of current on distance made over ground on both days! Excellent!

Written by : Mike

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