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Ensenada to San Diego - Wed/Thurs 5/6th July 2017

Left Ensenada Wednesday just before sunset and had a fairly uneventful overnight trip to San Diego - but a slightly stressful approach to the S end of the Coronados Islands with quite a few fishing boats and strobe-lit objects in the water off the SE end of the main island  to avoid.  Luckily, our route took us just clear of all, but some of the strobes had me puzzled for quite a time.  (After I'd arrived here in San Diego, I was told the several large surface objects were the tops of tuna pens - the fishermen catch the tuna and then grow them on in these pens.)

Coronados astern... Thursday 6th July 2017
Murky grey morning approach to San Diego ..smooth water... rafts of birds resting...


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Arrived San Diego Police Dock at 8.30 am and had to wait a long time for Customs Clearance - had breakfast and got some sleep in the meantime and then fuelled up before heading to the Southwestern Y.C. Guest Dock for more sleep.  It was great to discover I'd coincided with a Jazz group playing at the Club that evening - made for an enjoyable welcome to San Diego!

Written by : Jeanne Socrates