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Fri 12 May - lovely sailing heading south... a few problems - nothing too major except loss of radio chats...!

Woken by loud beeping just before dawn - chart table instruments down - so AP was displaying 'no pilot' - damn!! - but then found cockpit instruments were all fine - including AP, speed, wind, depth and plotter showing it all....   So all good   :-)   Just don't have the info down below.

Need to search for missing cable for the good back up mic/headset ....  so annoying that it's missing.....!   Will try covering damaged old mic cable in case that helps it to work.  Missing my radio chats!

Having a lovely sail now - on a beam reach, full canvas in 12-13kt ENE wind (stronger overnight but kept full sail) - regular NE 2m swell still rolls us about a bit, but not bad - nothing too violent.  Sky around midday almost clear -just a few scattered tiny cumulus.

Found machine screw near starboard scupper- from broken furler line lead I found two days ago while on foredeck, lowering the pole to stow it before gybing around.  Was accompanied by a squid - a few landed on board last two days, not many and not seen soon enough (or big enough) to enjoy some calamari tonight!

Enjoyed salad last night - end of fresh lettuce in another one I'll have tonight ....    Turning eggs most days -  ham and eggs tonight with the salad.
Fridge seems to have decided to work a bit - all the defrosted food from temps of 7C over last few days are now down at -0.3C in freezer compartment.

Off to search for that missing mic cable......
SV Nereida is presently at  11 15N  119 43'W, heading S at ~6kt (Fri 12 May 2030Z) - seeing strong ITCZ activity to avoid W of 120W but still 3days away.
Enjoying this smooth sailing while no squalls around.....


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"Life is precious - make the most of it!" 
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Written by : Jeanne Socrates