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Fri5Oct Wind up to 40-50kt earlier, big seas to match, but now eased to 17kt

Friday 5th Oct 7pm PDT

Suddenly the wind has eased from the high 30s - 40s, gusting 50 something of earlier today. Big, rough seas were the norm but less now, although still quite rough.

I'd been watching the pressure earlier this afternoon - down to 1005.9, but beginning to edge upward - but winds were still in high 30s.

Now, at sunset, I'm working out how to get going - will probably have to gybe around to get out of 'irons' - no use of engine allowed so it's always an interesting exercise.

We've been forced well north of our original position by the strong winds.

Must get going while I've still some light left in the sky.

See my tracker and Shiptrak reports for position info (on website Home page)

Presently at 48 21N, 125 48W - lost a day or two...!

Written by : Jeanne Socrates