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Friday 4th August 2017 - sunshine at last!

Lovely sunshine from this morning - way better than the fog and overcast we've been in since leaving San Francisco. Meeting occasional traffic now - soon after sunrise, I called cargo vessel 'Global Discovery' after my AIS alarm went off in fog, to warn me it was due to come very close. Avoiding 'Nereida' by turning slightly to port, they finally overtook us just a mile off our port bow - in bright sunshine, with the fog bank left behind just then - see photo. The decks were dripping wet and took a time to dry out. It stayed sunny for most of the day but we're back to overcast now - 4pm. A fishing boat, 'Timmy Boy', is at work, 2 miles off to starboard, running on a parallel course now, after converging earlier - can't see it visually but we're both seeing each other on AIS and he assured me he'd stay clear! Have been checking the weather again regularly. Changed course after midnight to head for Cape Flattery directly - winds are forecast to be generally light and from ahead for the next day so that seems the best route for now. Wind is still expected to strengthen by Sunday afternoon so there's still a chance of sailing into the Strait of Juan de Fuca... That would be nice! Enjoying a ripe avocado with the last of a very nice Pt Reyes blue cheese - good to find there are some places in the USA where they make a good cheese!

Written by : Jeanne Socrates