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La Paz update plus test posting of photo to website

21st May 2017 Happy long holiday weekend to my Canadian friends! Busy time here in La Paz - have had storm screen adjusted so more easily removed, settee cushion was also cut down to fit better, checked water-maker - works & makes water but only on one pump - second pump badly corroded so need to replace with motor & pump which I have in my spares. With settee cushion taken away, realised a major spring clean of entire saloon area was needed - so total clearing out & cleaning now taking place - gives a chance also to do some re-organising of stowage. Want to clean gunged-up speed impellor also - will be nice to have boatspeed readout (and correct true wind display) as I sail north shortly. Gave a talk here last week and have also been helping some other boaters nearby. Keep meeting up with cruisers I know - enjoyable to relax in between the work! Testing sending a photo with this posting - of Isla San Francisco from high up on the hill above the anchorage... I'm an ant walking the beach near to the borrowed kayak that my friends and I used to get to shore. 'Nereida' is seen at anchor. Strong N winds have been preventing any thought of heading up the outside of the Baja until now - but it looks as though they might be abating so I'm hoping to finish the boat work and get underway on Tuesday or Wednesday.... to Los Muertos initially, to try out bottom cleaning with 'hookah' hose attachment to dive tank. More news next week...

Written by : Jeanne Socrates