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Leaving SF ..... finally....

Monday 31st July 2017. St Francis Y.C.


Busy day from 6am.... Wind gen (thanks, Chris!) & speed display both dealt with - both working fine now.

Wind info still not getting through from mast top to display.... Chasing after new display & transducer and checking wiring connections again....

Preparing to go offshore .... Hydrovane got ready for use - rudder and vane put in place - one of the easier jobs! Bimini cover removed for sailing in less sunny/hot climes...

Thanks to Robert for climbing mast twice in effort to sort out wind info.... corrosion on terminals not helping. Still not 100% but better now than it was, with a possible 'work around'.

Hoping to leave on tonight's ebb tide through Golden Gate - might be better than earlier today if strong headwind dies down overnight, as hoped.

Weather forecast looking quite good although might be motoring again initially. Hoping for some sailing wind also.

Thanks to so many people who have made this an enjoyable stay in the SF Bay area, despite so much work to do taking a lot longer than hoped for.



"Life is precious - make the most of it!"

Written by : Jeanne Socrates