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Making good use of time - main jobs postponed to Thursday

Spent a good morning organising solutions to various problems on board...  Made a helpful phonecall to New York this morning about wind generator problem - sounds like a possibly easy fix,  so long as I get help to remove it from its pole mount.  Will take boat over on Thursday to Spaulding's Wooden Boat Yard in Sausalito, where Clark has offered to help (Thanks for your help, Bob H.).  Low water over midday today and tomorrow stopped me from taking Nereida over to get jobs started today as would have happened otherwise.  Hoping to deal with water maker and check over bilge pumps while there.
Several people have commented on wanting to avoid SF traffic problems - seems the bridges frequently have major traffic jams.
Decided to make use of time before Thursday to see friends in Richmond, the Delta and at SFYC - taking 'Nereida' to them saves them having to get through the traffic to come to see me!
My hoped-for nice downwind sail to get to Richmond past Alcatraz and Angel Island didn’t happen.  Had a strong NW wind ahead over fast-flowing opposing flood - made for fast but choppy & 'boisterous' conditions in the Bay with plenty of sailing boats and fast ferries to avoid.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates