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March update on recuperation from my fall and a plan to set sail to Polynesia from Mexico ...on friends' boat 'Epiphany'

I flew to Banderas Bay early in January, leaving "Nereida" in

Victoria, with the 'all clear' from the neural specialist on repair of

the cervical vertebrae in my neck (C2 broken, C1/C2 join damaged) - it

was great finally to be rid of my neck brace after well over three


Next problem was to get my neck rotating both sideways and up and down

- not an easy task, with it being so very stiff from being kept

stationary for so long.

I've been recuperating in the warmth of La Cruz de Huanacaxtle,

Nayarit, since then - helped by recent twice-weekly visits for

physiotherapy to Puerto Vallarta.

Neck movement is now much better, although regular exercising is still

needed to give more. My damaged rib cage area healed fine a while ago

- the operation I had there was definitely worthwhile for initial ease

of recovery!

Having been involved with both 'Women Who Sail' presentations and

'2018 Puddle Jump' seminars, my friends on 'Epiphany' asked me to join

them sailing over to the Marquesas. It didn't take me long to agree!

I've been missing being at sea, only having been out 2-3 times in the

Wednesday 'Beer Can' racing here in La Cruz in February.

So that's my main news - we hope to set sail early next week - well

before Easter causes a problem with clearing out of Mexico! I'm

looking forward to it - and it will give me a chance to check out

being on a boat at sea before I fly back to Victoria for summer in

British Columbia, back on board 'Nereida'.

I'll be posting daily position reports and news from 'Epiphany' as we

sail over - it should be fun!

Written by : Jeanne Socrates