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Monday 26th June 2017 Company on its way!

Fog has lifted in the bay here but I'm seeing it out to sea.
Sunny and calm.
A fishing boat came in earlier, maybe overnight? Anchored close by - must also be hearing of the strong winds to N of here for next day or so...
To S, it's looking amazingly calm all day today so three boats are heading this way from San Quintin - it will be nice to see them!
One was intending continuing on to Ensenada but if it were to do that, they would be meeting 20kt headwinds, according to my weather info - not good, so maybe they'll be pulling in here instead to wait with the rest of us for Wednesday's hoped-for weather window.
Having computer problems - working on them.... Another job to add to the list....

Written by : Jeanne Socrates