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Murky overcast

Tuesday - what a murky, cold start to the day, after frequent fog last night! Sun tried hard to get out in afternoon, so it warmed up a bit.

Wind has been from SSE-SSW, initially light and just about filling the headsail, which was regularly collapsing briefly, so eventually it had to be furled in.

I was expecting to stop in Ensenada for fuel before taking off W into the winds around the N. Pacific High, but lin view of my expected evening landfall, I'd clearly have to wait around, so I decided it made more sense to keep on going overnight the sixty miles to San Diego to get fuel there the next morning - so yet another change of passage plan!

Winds are expected still to be light inshore until the weekend so I'll continue on towards Pt Conception - where it's blowing a NW gale close to shore - no problem in getting wind near there to go offshore and definitely not a place to try to head further north at present!!

The further NW we go, the closer the Pacific High is to the coast - so the less motoring in light winds will be needed get to where we can, hopefully, sail on.

The seas are long and gentle and mainly following - from SW quadrant so that makes for a much more comfortable ride, although rolly if dead downwind with sails filled.

Downloading the usual lot of weather-faxes - computer connection to modem keeps hanging up, so I have to keep a constant eye on screen to make sure faxes are not missed - a real time-waster!

Grey-blue sea with wavelets ... long rounded swell... light grey sky... sun trying to peek through - today's picture...

Written by : Jeanne Socrates