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News from Santa Rosalia in Sea of Cortez, on inside (East) coast of Baja California Sur

Friday 14th August 2015 - Santa Rosalia

It's been lovely to be away from the dock on 'Nereida', often at anchor, often in deserted coves with brilliant sunsets to enjoy!  The Sea of Cortez has some spectacular scenery and plenty of places to anchor in....

With only rare access to Internet and a problem at present with emailing log reports to my website, I've been emailing my regular logs to:  http://synereida.livejournal.com/

Some photos have also been just posted to my Facebook 'sailing' page:  https://www.facebook.com/SVNereida     Click Sea of Cortez to see that album - updated whenever I have Internet access.

I've really been enjoying snorkelling among the rocks close to my last few anchorages - so many lovely fish to enjoy - it's been a long time since I last did that...  THe big Cortez Damsel is one of many beautiful fish I've enjoyed seeing - from tiny vivid blue ones to large groupers etc.

On now further north, maybe to Trinidad (!) for tonight.... before heading slowly on towards Bahia de los Angeles ... I'm definitely in 'ambling' mode, just now.   Wherever I will be, I'll be posting my daily positions on www.winlink.org under the callsign kc2iov - accessed easily from my website 'Travels' page link ("Where is Nereida?"), ...or by clicking HERE, if preferred.




Written by : Jeanne Socrates