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Nonstop, single-handed, unassisted RTW - Monday looking good?

Thursday 18th October 2012    Departure on Monday 22nd October looking very likely....

Just been looking over the marine weather forecasts, now that the boat is beginning to look more shipshape and nearer to being ready to sail away....

Looks was though there's a nice weather window opening up from early Monday onwards - easterly winds and an ebb tide will allow me to get out of the Strait of Juan de Fuca by midnight and head well offshore at the start of my journey S towards Cape Horn - well over two months away!

Rain has often been heavy here of late, but with further much-appreciated help from Jim T, Robert & Rose, Michael R and Warren (M & W have spent the last two days with me), a variety of necessary jobs have been completed & food has now been vacuum-packed and/or foil-wrapped and/or stowed safely, as appropriate - some time being spent today organising hanging netting  for apples and mandarins. I've even found a few more items to hand over to Michael C to store while I'm away.

Paul of Leitch McBride came by to sew up the mainsail batten pocket ends and took the two cockpit halyard bags for repair, having previously added some velcro tapes to the vinyl seat cover at the chart table - "consider it a contribution to the cause" he said kindly, smiling....  Thanks, Paul!

A parcel arrived from Santa Cruz - some special 'biscotti' sent by Brian Beers of Gayles Bakery - I've already sampled them and they're really 'yummy'...!!  I'll keep some for Christmas!

Still outstanding is fixing the liferaft properly in place and bolting on the KISS wind generator blades after a small repair became necessary. Ben is coming by early Friday to fix my chart-table screen rigidly and the aft cabin stowage will be completed once some clothing has been vacuum-packed.  Diesel and propane both need topping up and everything on deck and below double-checked and made tidy...   It's been very useful to have had free wi-fi available while here in Oak Bay.

On Saturday, I'll go for a short sail and check eveything is working OK - hopefully, I'll not find anything amiss!

Written by : Mike

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