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Nonstop, unassisted, single-handed RTW ...ready to leave later this week?

Sunday 14th October 2012 - Lots to do & being done - busy here!!

Well, for the last few days, it's been overcast & raining, often heavily - and there's mainly no breath of wind ...  So I have no problem with needing to delay my departure for a few more days while I continue to make essential final preparations.

But with increasing numbers of queries on my timing, I thought I'd best spare some moments to post an update on progress towards departure...

"Chaos reigns" - and we're definitely getting very wet (!!)...  It's good to have heating onboard!

Final provisioning, stowing & boat organising is in full swing but there have been several important bits of boatwork needed and more items waiting to be seen to when the boat is shipshape - all combining to increase stress levels.  At least my newly-serviced liferaft finally arrived on Friday, the watermaker is now fully functioning, with no leaks (thanks to Lance V for his ongoing, cheerful help with that and other things), and the rudder-to-autopilot connection is now replaced with a far sturdier tiller arm than before, thanks to very generous help from Rose & Robert.   My thanks also go to Katy R, David W, Charles & Joann, Ann P (baked me a lovely Christmas cake!), John T, Brent J and Michael C - all have given me help which has been very welcome.

I was delighted and surprised to discover that Shawn of Vela Yacht Sales was kindly giving me free moorage here in Oak Bay Marina on his slip...  Many thanks, Shawn!

By mid-week, Sunday's proposed departure was looking to be totally unrealistic and I'm now hoping that, with concentrated effort in the meantime, the boat will be ready by later this week - at which point I'll look at the weather to see how soon we can leave... whether immediately or not, time will tell...  So departure is now likely to be as soon as conditions permit next weekend.  The small 'black box' has arrived from the WSSRC to be put onboard - it records my position every 300m and will be used to validate my RTW course.

I'm still busy stowing food and discarding unnecessary packaging.  Also tools and spares have to be carefully put away, with cleaning of each area as I go along.  At least now I can stow things properly in the aft cabin, now the watermaker and  AP tiller arm on the rudder have been dealt with.

One thing's certain - I'll not be leaving before I feel comfortable we're totally ready for our 'solo, nonstop, unassisted' circumnavigation (Victoria to Victoria, under sail alone, with no help by use of motor being permitted) .... 7-8 months at sea, over half of it in the Southern Ocean, is not to be treated lightly!

Must get back to work...!!

Written by : Mike

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