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Quick trip back to London

Thursday 15th May 2014

Well, I'm unexpectedly in London (Ealing) after a fast trip from Mexico ..   Thanks to John (of 'Night Song') for a long but interesting ride from San Carlos all the way north to Phoenix, crossing border at Nogales.   Stayed overnight on Tuesday at a friend's house and we went for a long walk early next morning in Paradise Valley - mid-May is a perfect time of year to see the magnificent Saguaro cactus in flower everywhere and many other cacti and other desert plants were also in flower.

After a daytime flight to Chicago on Wednesday, I flew on overnight to LHR.   Airline staff in Phoenix and Chicago were all really helpful and understanding over my luggage and carrying difficulties.   Was also unexpectedly upgraded to very comfortable Club class seat on the busy overnight flight (but hold luggage got left behind in Chicago ... it's expected to arrive a day late, on Friday...!)

Reason for my sudden re-location was being told by surgeon friend in Florida that X-rays of collarbone fracture did not look good, it shouln't be left alone to heal, as I'd been led to believe by Mexican doctor, and it needed urgent surgical intervention if my left shoulder was to function well in the future  (I'm also left-handed).   My GP agreed, on seeing the same X-rays, that it needed looking at by a shoulder specialist - so I've an appt in London on Monday ....   In the meantime, I'm catching up on sleep and will make good use of my time here.

In my absence, the yard should be finishing sanding/preparing the boat everywhere below the waterline, ready for Coppercoat and Propspeed applicatons on my return, and making the GRP hard top / dodger to replace the present canvas sprayhood.   I hope not to be in UK for too long - I've far too much work waiting to be done on "Nereida" in Mexico!!Last Sunday, I had a lovely 15 ml trip out on the water  -  on 'Georgia', being taken around from San Carlos to Guaymas Marina Seca. I helmed a little and relaxed a lot!!

 m_Relaxed motor-sail on way to Guaymasm_Rounding headland SW of Guaymas Bay

Lovely sunny day and a vivid blue Sea of Cortez, some S swell, some wind... but motor-sailed most of the way...   Just avoided an unseen rock on final approach to dock... and then caught two buses to return to 'Nereida' in San Carlos soon after sunset - total cost of 17.50 pesos (~90p/$1.35)for over one hour's journey.

            m_Newly-sand-blasted - Marina Seca San Carlos          m_View into Marina Seca, S

The hard at Marina Seca (San Carlos) is dusty and hot during the day now, although nice and cool overnight....  Great view over nearby arid landscape to mountains close by.
Photo below shows the view from the Marin Seca entrance gates towards the 'twin peaks' of San Carlos - known in Spanish as the 'goat's teats'!   Very distinctive shape and highly useful for coming towards San Carlos Bay and harbour from seaward.

m_View from Marina Seca entrance to distinctive 'twin peaks' ofsan Carlos

Written by : Jeanne Socrates

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