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Time to return to "Nereida" via Phoenix - work to be done in San Carlos!

On Friday 30th May, I'll be flying from London to Phoenix, en route to San Carlos in Mexico where neither of the two big jobs I'd been promised would be done for me in my absence have even been started.   It's really disappointing that the 'Mexico' lack of reliability and time-keeping has now extended to a yard which until last year had an excellent reputation for good, reliable work..
It's possible that one job has now been started (some simple sanding of the keel!) as a result of an email to the yard last week in which I presumed both jobs were  either complete or nearly so!   As a result, I'm taking back with me a random orbital sander, and organizing delivery of, sandpaper discs and mohair rollers,etc, to use in the imminent Coppercoat application - not difficult to appply properly but surface has to be prepared and coating applied in a precise way.   I'll not be using the yard for that - they've shown themselves to be incapable of following careful instructions  ....    Very disappointing...
I've been so busy while back in London.   The main reason for my return was, of course, my fractured collarbone which I heard should have had surgery early on - but the outcome of my hospital visit, four weeks after my accident, was a decision not to operate since the feeling was that the bones were now aligned parallel, although slightly overlapping, and seemed to be healing OK, whereas to operate at this late stage could not guarantee a better outcome.  The pain has subsided a lot and I'll need to exercise carefully to get back good shoulder function over the coming weeks ...
I'm looking forward to being back on board, even though on the hard ... There's so much work waiting to be done but it won't happen unless I'm there to do it or organize it!
More  news in a week or so...  London has been very rainy for the last week - it'll be nice to get back to sunshine and blue skies...
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