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Re: Spending time on boat joblist. ..

Friday 12th May
Amazing how a system working perfectly suddenly loses power for no obvious reason...!  I spent several hours yesterday, trouble-shooting power supply failure to two devices...  No obvious cause but simply taking plugs apart and putting everything back together several times seems to have solved the problem.  Lots of multimeter use and frustration....  All working fine now except that I still need to uninstal and re-instal some software that has  been misbehaving, while I've Internet access here in La Paz.
Was great to meet up later with San Carlos/Tucson friend Bernd who arrived on 'Pura Vida' with friends David & Dave - spent time together catching up.  They're away this afternoon, sailing in relaxed style back up to San Carlos.

On with more boat-jobs - the list, as usual, is very long so I decided to stay put here for a few days, where spares are available if needed, and try to deal with some of the items.   Hot and sunny - just cooled the boat by washing it down to clean off salt.

The local Cruisers' Club here have asked me to give a short presentation at their AGM on Tuesday so I'll probably get ready to leave soon after that - to head down to Cabo San Lucas and then northwest/north up the Baja to Ensenada and San Diego.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates