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Rounding Pt Sur - Thursday 13th July 2017

9pm Thursday 13th July 2017 Rounding Pt Sur

Keeping quite close in (2-3mls off coast) seems to be working - seas don't seem to be quite so rough now and wind has dropped to around 16kt so SOG (speed over ground) is 3-4kt - much better!

Still 7 ml to go until we're abeam of the Point, though...

9.40pm Wind NW 17-20 kt - but SOG still 4kt, so doing fine.... Not slamming into waves much, which is good for speed.

11.15pm - changed course around Point Sur, keeping at least 2 ml off. Pitch dark - no lights in sight. Sky overcast.

Now making for Carmel and S end of Monterey Bay - 15 ml away. Wind NW 13-14kt. SOG 4.6kt Seas still lumpy but not too bad.

If wind continues to stay down or die down further, we'll be able to cut across Monterey Bay and make directly for Pt Ano Nuevo - an elephant seal sanctuary, if my memory serves me right... I seem to remember the smell and noise carry quite a distance!

None of my hanging bananas survived yesterday's rough seas - they all eventually fell down, one by one!

Written by : Jeanne Socrates