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Saturday 11th June

Can you believe that one small screw can take two hours to remove. ..? Damaged head, corrosion plus difficult access.... Grrr!!! At least it finally began to unscrew. Wanted to check solar regulator connections were good... Still removing stuff from aft cabin to get access to beneath bunks and behind aftmost wood panel to deal with radio and, if regulator connections looking good, solar wiring problems ...


So - after all that effort, the panel refused to be pulled forward! Not enough slack cable behind? So I took out the instrument next to it and found torch and extending small (dental-type) mirror to look behind from there - not a chance... impossible to see anything useful!!

All put back together ( with some new screws) and went aft to look at fuse-holder area. Fixed a spade connector firmly in place.... decided to try one more time replacing fuse... it did NOT blow!! Re-inserted other fuse... still OK... Full solar power getting to batteries.... What did I do to fix it???

Will be looking tomorrow midday, when input at its highest, to see if fuse is still holding.... Still have radio transmit problem - but only on 20m, occasionally on 30m and never on 40m. .. Will be busy clearing aft cabin to access ATU tomorrow morning .. and hoping to change prop anode in the afternoon - a good excuse for a refreshing swim.

Was nice to have company arrive tonight -Rikitikitavi came from marina to anchor nearby - in good time to enjoy firework display onshore. Have seen fireworks often since anchoring here - get a good view!

They are also waiting on the weather to begin their sail up north to Victoria. Was pleased yesterday to be able to help Pete sort out problem with getting good grib files using his HF radio.

Did same via email today for Randy - 'Spirit of Hanalei ' is holed up with 'Stella Blue' in San Juanico waiting for this bad weather to pass and they were both in need of good weather info - nice to be able to help people stay safe.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates