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Saturday - to Santa Catalina Island (S. Channel Islands)

Away soon after 5 a.m. in half-light...

Mains'l raised ready but almost no wind. Murky, grey, cold... Good ebbing tide in the long entrance channel - excellent! Went right to the end - warnings were "Don't cut the corner!" - so headed well off before turning to round Pt Loma and setting course for Catalina. Big area of thick kelp to be avoided at all costs off Loma Point - even found it at 85m/250ft depths further on!

Sealion honked noisily at us as we passed his resting place on green buoy "7".

Tide turned not long after that so we got benefit of flood going N - very helpful!

Not many other boats initially, but plenty later on. It's Saturday!

GOOD NEWS - wind info is showing on screen - yippee! So Kasey's trip up the mast for me yesterday and my visit to West Marine for replacement transducer has paid off.... Thanks, Kasey! (Pacific Offshore Riggers is a good outfit!) And thanks to friend Ray Marchetta for all his advice and help :-)

Around 9am, finally had enough wind (4-5 kt!) from SSE to unfurl genoa but not until 4 pm did wind increase to nearer 8-10 kt to give a reasonable 'push', so we were motor-sailing nicely - but motor still essential to keep up speed.

Sky cleared by mid-afternoon so air warmed up. Sea still fairly calm, with slight SW swell and small surface ripples... Needed the extra push from some wind to overcome ebb now beginning....

It's a good 85 ml journey from SDYC to Two Hbrs on Catalina Island, so quite a push. Hoping ETA of 8.30pm is going to give enough daylight. Harbourmaster Jeff is expecting me so he'll be ready to guide me to my place in the mooring field and show me where to tie up.

6pm Just ESE of Avalon - the main village on NE side of Catalina. High mountains on island caused wind to veer completely - quickly furled in genoa which was being backed... Next is to drop the mains'l when and where appropriate...

9pm Safely tied up to mooring buoy in Two Hbrs, Isthmus Cove, Sta Catalina Island. Helped in by Jeff, hbr Master - thanks! Beautiful sunset - justbmade it in before dark. Will stay Sunday.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates