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Southampton Boat Show ... Hurricane Odile ... Bart's Bash

22nd September 2014

Sad news of three cruisers' deaths in La Paz anchorage after hurricane Odile devastated Cabo San Lucas and La Paz and much of S.Baja... 'Nereida' was safe in San Carlos, I heard - as were all boats there in Marina Seca and the marina. Pleased to see 'Polo' kept offshore, although some rain from it did reach Cabo.    But news is good now - Mexican govt did a good job evacuating tourists trapped by aftermath and supplies are getting through.  Road south down Baja peninsula seems to be OK now and fuel supply is good - so more supplies can get S and locals are working very hard to repair all the damage everywhere.  Internet and phones seem now to be working - but still plenty of re-building to do.  San Jose airport is opening in a week or so, it seems.

   2014-09-18 14.06.48 Old Southampton city wall remains, near Red Funnel Ferry terminal to Cowes.

Southampton Boat Show kept me busy - Fri/Sat opening days and then Thurs/Fri again. Was given a hand-held pole-mount for 'selfies' via mobile/cellphone and Bluetooth - takes good pics showing background as well. Got a useful 'Exhaust Alert' from Halyard stand - need it to warn me if engine starts overheating... Now that I'll be using motor at times, not just sailing, should mean avoiding loss of engine-power just when needed! Interviewed on Radio Solent's midday programme and did a 'Meet and Greet' on Boatshed's stand.

Made useful visits to other stands to get items for boat in Mexico - so many things to organise for 'Nereida', to be ready for work on her. The list is long and probably boring for most people!  It reads:  apply Coppercoat in place of anti-fouling paint; finish hard sprayhood/dodger and fix tracks to attach (new) bimini and (old) weather screen; replace wind generator; replace steering cables and bearings etc; replace most lines and sheets with new; replace genoa; replace turning block; fix Halyard 'Exhaust Alert’ in exhaust; replace anodes; clean topsides and deck; fit insulating divider in fridge; fit new blind/mosquito screen to forepeak hatch; replace VHF coax mast-connector and check transmit; replace Pactor modem and also Iridium satphone modem; replace small item on Hydrovane wind-steering; try to reduce RF interference using ‘chokes’ on wiring; sort out chaos, clean out lockers and generally tidy up below - a big job!!  (I’m sure there are more jobs I’ve forgotten!!)

Hopefully, we’ll finally be in a fit state to greet friends on board this winter and cruise the Sea of Cortez!  A lot of jobs I can see to myself, but others I’ll be getting help with before we ’splash’.  Once in the water, many jobs can be done at anchor, rather than in the marina - that’s the plan, anyway!

Supported the Bart's Bash on Sunday, at the Queen Mary Sailing Club where I used to windsurf a lot (http://www.queenmary.org.uk/).

Amazing turn-out, very pleasant sunshine, good wind and a lot of money raised. We have yet to hear the results from the other 'Bash' races all over the world today - a friend from Arizona Y.C. raced in one on Lake Pleasant, near Phoenix!


Written by : Jeanne Socrates