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Sunday 19th February - underway again

3.30pm Saturday Wind blew up a bit more and rain got heavier - but not for long... calm now, although pressure has dropped a lot over last 6 hrs - to 1007 now. Definitely time for hot food - just had some nice hot soup in a mug & have put some dried beans in to soak for tomorrow.

Later, more wind and rain again - but by sunset all was gone.

Sunday morning - Pressure has risen steeply to 1016 and there's a S wind blowing here in the marina, about 10 kt, I guess. Very little cloud and forecast is benign so I'm thinking I'll leave today for Mazatlan - wind is expected to become N ~20kt by time I arrive tomorrow afternoon, with possible calms in between - we'll see!

Photos already posted of noisy osprey on top of my neighbour's mast this morning.

I got out my gri-gri, thinking to climb the mast before leaving, in case there's an 'easy fix' to the masthead problem but realised time was getting late for heading out - so decided to leave climbing until after I get to Mazatlan tomorrow.

Would be nice to have wind info - and going up will give me a chance to look at the furler problem while I'm up there... Means I might have to use the staysail in place of the genoa, but that's rather small.

In the meantime, having left the marina around 1pm, the wind soon died right back - but is still from S - not as forecast!

I've 'lost' one hour! I forgot that the southern half of the Baja is one hour ahead of Pacific Standard Time, PST ...... same as in Mazatlan, in fact. (We're in Central Standard Time, CST, now)

Written by : Jeanne Socrates