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Sunday - safe arrival in San Jose

Morning: Two boobies perched on the bow pulpit overnight - male and female red-footed... having a good ride while they rest and preen themselves. Joined later in morning by another, perched on anchor. Low line of sea-fog stretching along from coast ahead down southward toward Cabo San Lucas.

Motor-sailing (since sunrise) directly towards San Jose del Cabo - SW wind in genoa & main so making fair speed without needing to push too hard with motor. Hoping for early afternoon landfall, to tie up to fuel dock, ready for topping up tank and reserve jerry cans. By 9a.m. LT/PDT (1600GMT), wind died , seas calm, genoa furled in... Fenders and mooring lines made ready for San Jose fuel dock arrival ... ~ 1p.m.?

11amLT 10ml off San Jose (ETA - and sea fog on the coast to the S is still there - but finishes just to S of San Jose, where we're headed. Still have one brown booby on board - seemsdetermined to make the most of the ride and wasn't disturbed when I furled in the genoa beside it, with the wind having gone too light to fill the sail.


Safely tied to fuel dock at San Jose before 2.30pm LT after motoring in flat calm for some time.

More in fuel tank than I expected - fuelled up OK and fixed a few problems - including switch I was using for fuel transfer. Unable to fix wind transducer problem at mast top, unfortunately - no spare on board, to my surprise. Can see it up there at a funny angle - bird must have broken connection to wire down through mast

Met up with 'Pacific Provider' and went for meal later - late back to boat to sleep and be ready to leave at first light in the morning.

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