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Thurs 1st Nov (cont) - Patrick & son make music

Thurs 1st Nov (cont) - Patrick & son make music

I'd met a couple along the path who were also making for Hellbourg & in chatting to them,
I'd commented about my feet giving me a problem. As the afternoon wore on, the air started
to feel very moist with the clouds being so close and finally it started spitting. To my
surprised delight, when I got to the beginning of the final section - a dirt road leading to
a steep, zig-zagging made-up road - I found them waiting for me in their car.... wonder of
wonders! How kind some people are...they'd waited in order to take me (the easy way!) down to Hellbourg and my 'gite' for the night.

Patrick, the owner of the 'gite', entertained us royally during our meal with his Creole
guitar-playing and his sons accompanied on 'tambour' (drums).. it was a very pleasant
evening in good company.

Life is precious - make the most of it!

Written by : Mike

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