Thursday is the day...!

It's been very pleasant being on anchor for several days, here in Bahia San Jose. Has also meant I could tackle several problems.

On Monday I wrote:..

Radio problem still alive & kicking! !

Thanks to Sarah of 'Rikitikitavi ' for coming over to make sure I stayed safe while perched on a crate to access the backstay lower insulator - bringing over some lovely freshly-made muffins later (made by her young crew!). Took connection apart eventually and started re-making.... Many thanks to Bob of 'Kachina' for helping finishing putting back together - he rowed over with Sam to help... He's a tad taller than I am so that was a great help.

Unfortunately, having gone to all that effort- problem.hadn't gone away.... Good receive but no transmit possible.

Wednesday...Thanks yesterday morning to Alan of 'Kemo Sabe. He'd suggested tuner was the problem ( as already mentioned by a radio friend)' but came over with a coax lead to test... Worked fine... In testing with mine again, he spotted a loose coax connection on a jumper lead - when that was removed, my system worked a lot better - buy still eventually ended up with 20m problem.

The good news is winlink works for emailing and I can talk on most freqs I want to -- even PacSeaNet heard me and we had a chat but there's definitely a problem still to be resolved...

Spent several hours this morning replacing 4 butt joints on the solar panel wiring - hoped time wasn't wasted but fuse blew again... Two untinned wires clearly need replacing - the ground wires were black inside! Slowly making progress...

Weather window - at last!! Several boats will be away, as we shall, before dawn, hoping to round Cabo Falso and head north in light conditions for a few days ..... Ensenada... we-re on our way !

Written by : Jeanne Socrates