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Thursday - lost ensign..warm clothing needed!

The wind did finally ease to around 20knots but not the seas - they have been big (3-4m/12ft at least), steep and every 4-5 seconds so tossed the boat around often.

I tried to release the lmainsail azyjack on the leeward side but it wouldn't release, giving a problem in shaking out the third reef in the mainsail - needed to give more boat speed. I was worried a batten would catch in the lazyjack as I tried to raise the sail ... Managed to release it later - so down to second reef over this afternoon.. If night weren't coming on, I'd shake that out also.

At least the morning NW wind direction was more helpful for heading W - to begin with.. But later, wind was WNW, so forced us to head SW. Have just tacked around to get back N - but making NNE - not so good!

Lost my ensign to the wind & waves last night...! Suddenly noticed it was missing.

Finding it difficult to get away from Sta Barbara Channel - NNW wind that is further N becomes more W near the Channel.

Tried to catch up on sleep

Grey and murky again. but a lot calmer.

Think I saw a small dark Albatross this morning - typical albatross outline when in flight caught my eye. Was attracted to boat and rested on the water nearby.

Keeping an eye on wind strength - hope to keep away from strong winds like yesterday's by heading W rather than N.

Had to dig out my foul weather gear - jacket, boots, hat, trousers - not worn those for quite a time!

Written by : Jeanne Socrates