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Thursday - we finally make it - but heading SW at start....

Having arrived at Cabo San Lucas after 1:30 am to anchor and get to sleep, I was up late. I checked the problem fuel filter bleed point of yesterday - looking good and dry - Thanks so much to Thomas and David for their help ...! had breakfast, checked emails, downloaded weather grib-files and made sure the boat was ready for sea before freeing the trapped main halyard so I could raise the mains'l and then raised the anchor.

There was very little wind in the anchorage but I expected more out of its protected waters . Sure enough, there was a good Force 4 with plenty of whitecaps and rather rough seas - it was good to be reefed down already, as I turned off the motor, unfurled some genoa - and went below to put on a long-sleeved top - it was cool in the breeze!

Wind eased once a several miles from the Cape - let out canvas to try to keep up speed but wind direction still not good - we're currently headed SW in WNW wind! But al least we're headed W-ish and, if wind dies more, might end up motor-sailing - in a better direction perhaps...


Offshore enough at 4pm to be able to tack around - speed v. low so motor-sailing at 4kt and making NW but that will eventually take us into the Baja coast - need WNW course to keep well off the coast further north and can't make that with present wind direction. Routeing looking very difficult with wind forecast to die almost completely for next five days offshore - the Trades are a good distance off the coast and would take quite a bit of motoring from here to reach... Further N, they look to be nearer to land.

At least heading NW feels better than heading SW!

Looks as though I'm being forced into the 'Baja Bash' to get N - at least for now.

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