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Waiting for a weather window

Sunday 18th June 2017
San Juanico -lovely sweeping bay.and another surf spot. "No crime here," I was happily told by Ed Liddle who's been here for quite a few years. It's a small community with difficult road access.
Having to wait for a good weather window - hoping to leave Tuesday morning for Asuncion when headwinds are expected to have abated.
'Chatelaine' kindly included me in their dinghy for a trip to shore through the surf .. Always exciting and we managed to pick a good spot, with a nearby surfer guiding us in and helping as two waves suddenly came in together. - breaking a little over the stern - but all ended just fine.
Off for a short walk in the village to find a burrito and to meet up with 'Rikitikitavi' - the kids were enjoying games over an intermittent Internet connection but there's no phone signal here.
Back to the dinghies, as the sun was setting, where both of us managed to get back out through the surf without getting flipped - excellent! !

Written by : Jeanne Socrates