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Westport Marina - haul-out on 15th July 2013 - launched 17th August

A well-overdue recap of events since leaving Victoria Hbr on 15th July to make for Westport Marina - who very kindly donated a haul-out and hard standing - very many thanks for their kindness and generosity.

Photos showing "Nereida" in the slings of the hoist, with the hull and keel smothered in gooseneck barnacles - no wonder we were so slow at the end of our journey!

Haul-out at Westport m_Brad scraping off gooseneck barnacles m_Gooseneck barnacles - no wonder we were so slow! Under the keel
It's been a busy month of repairs and catching up, including a short but hectic visit back to the UK (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrW6Hv5C4rE ) which, like British Columbia, has been enjoying some magnificent summer weather.   Many people have come by the boat on the hard to chat - always enjoyable, although it does slow down the work progress!
"Nereida" now has a beautifully-repaired, strong, steel radar support, thanks to Chris Eldridge, and some excellent electrical work has been done, thanks to Jamie at Philbrook's Boat Yard, who sent Ryan to sort out a variety of electrical issues, including helping Chris with the removal and re-routeing of the cables down inside the pole on which the radar and a number of other items are mounted - a difficult job made necessary by the welding which had to be done by Chris... but "Where there's a will, there's a way"...!
m_Chris & Ryan  -up the pole!
Similarly, Raymarine technicians Don and Levy, from CMC in Burnaby, came to check out a few instrument issues and upgrade the radar to the new digital system - I kept well out of the way while they struggled to complete running the new radar cable to the chart table - not an easy task with so many other wires in the way!   In testing out the autopilot, it was found that the steering system was misbehaving after four weeks of no use - grateful thanks to Rose & Robert for coming at short notice to sort that out ...
The Iridium problem has not been resolved - the main unit is 'dead' and the only way forward seems to involve an expensive replacement.
The Force 10 stove was taken (Thanks, Warren!) to Coquitlam, where they had offered to service it thoroughly, so it now has new gimbals and ignition system - it's a real pleasure to use and, with the stove out of its recess, I was able to take the chance to clean the area thoroughly.

m_Cleaning, before polishing I have been kept busy cleaning and polishing the topsides and applying antifouling.   Rose and Robert kindly spent a hardworking morning showing me how to get rid of some nasty marks on the topsides around the stern, with a helping hand being given by Shaun P, who removed some oily marks at the bow.   Gerry kindly volunteered to spend time sanding and later helped in applying a coat of antifouling.

"Nereida" is about to be re-launched today, looking pretty - on the outside, at least!   Many thanks to Brad Schmidt, the local Interlux rep, who kindly donated the Micron CSC bottom paint (and to the ever-helpful Elaine of Jensen's who approached him about it).

Down below, the boat is in a state of total chaos - the result of giving clear aft-cabin and chart-table access for the wiring efforts of Chris, Ryan, Don and Levy and delving into the forepeak to access bits and pieces.  I now have the difficult task of slowly getting things back into order and cleaning everywhere thoroughly - all inside surfaces are still covered in a thin film of salt and the deck is dirty from both the long passage and also from being on the hard for four weeks.   Fenders stowed in chain locker for over 8 months were filthy... but cleaned up nicely:

m_Dirty fenderm_nearly all cleaned

I still have the job of cleaning all kinds of lines - most are very salty - and replacing some which are well-worn.  The headsails have now been repaired (but are weakened) and the mainsail needs renewing - the material has totally degraded after two circumnavigations and is easily ripped - another expensive item.
So still plenty of work ahead - many items broke or needed fixing whilst on passage and all need to be dealt with now.   I'm still way behind on replying to emails, I've been asked to make several presentations and I'm also trying to find time to work towards an exam for a Canadian amateur radio licence.... Just not enough hours in each day!
Next week I plan to be in Port Townsend to see friends, retrieve some stored items and continue the mending, cleaning and organising process, before returning to B.C. to catch up with friends not seen up to now.

Written by : Mike

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