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11th August 2018 - Rain! Hard at work in Tsehum Hbr

Saturday 11th August - Tsehum Harbour on Vancouver Island - RAIN TODAY!!

I must thank Steve Illman, of RVYC, for taking me to Crest Fire
Extinguishers on Wednesday to collect a hydro-tested dive tank, ready
for filling with fresh air, and found they were donating three dry
powder fire extinguishers, to replace the well-out-of-date Swedish
ones that they couldn’t re-charge - a very kind gesture of support for
my forthcoming trip around the globe (Very many thanks for that!!).

People are unable to service or recharge European tanks and
extinguishers here in North America - metric versus 'other' system -
so parts are not available.  So that was a very welcome solution to my
problem- the powder had been in the extinguishers on board since early
2009 and might well not have worked if I'd had an emergency situation

Of course, one 'minor' detail for all three is needing to adapt their
holders to take the slightly larger new tanks - another item added to
my already very long job list!

Next stop was Wilson's Dive shop in Esquimalt - where the owner kindly
gave me a massive discount on the cost of a 'viz' (visual safety
inspection) and an immediate air fill for my borrowed dive tank.

While waiting for the tank to be ready, Steve drove me through the
dense forest around the remains of the historic fort guarding the
approaches to Esquimalt naval base, close to Victoria, down to a
lovely view over Strait of Juan de Fuca and a long, grey, sandy beach
beach jammed with old logs that have been washed up over the years - a
typical B.C. scene!

On the way back from Esquimalt, I picked up the remainder of the dried
milk and tinned chick peas that I needed to complete my long-term
provisioning.  (I also treated myself to some canned apricots -
thinking of Christmas and the New Year when I’ll want to celebrate a

I’ve been busy listing everything on a (printable) computer
spreadsheet so I can see at a glance where I’ve stored each type of
food item and also what each locker contains.  What a long time all
that food organisation has taken…

It’s kept my vacuum-packer busy - with  clothing also being looked
over and re-organised, with quite a few items being vacuum packed to
guarantee some dry clothing available - even if the boat is unlucky
enough to get water down below …

On the way back into Victoria, Steve realised that the new, lifting
'blue bridge' was signalling a lift about to start - a Seaspan barge
and tow was waiting near the low bridge.... Sure enough, up it went,
the barge passed through and then down it came - impressive!

It was good finally to get away from the dock two weeks ago (making
good use of tides each time) - to Tsehum
Hbr and Long Hbr (on Saltspring Island) and then another pleasant,
sunny trip both ways to and from Friday Harbor.  It was great to meet
up with friends on San Juan Island that I’ve not seen for a while!

I was intending to work on fibre-glass backing plates for my big sheet
winches over last weekend but was delighted when John Booth,
well-known for being an expert when it comes to anything to do with
boat construction, turned up at the dock in Long Hbr and offered to
make them for me in aluminium.  I must now make a template of the area
beneath the sheet winches - an awkward task, involving getting into
confined spaces both in the cockpit locker and above the head-lining
of a hanging locker.   I also need to check the length of the present
bolts used in the winch bases, to see if I need to order slightly
longer ones.

Had an enjoyable live radio interview on CFAX1070 on my return to
Victoria last Monday - mostly to do with my food stores onboard.  It
always intrigues people that I have to take so much food with me, with
no stopping allowed at shops on the way!!.

I’ve now come back to Tsehum Hbr - a peaceful place where I’ll be able
to continue undisturbed with boat jobs over the next week.  I actually
flew a full genoa for a short while, with a 10 knot following wind on
the way here, which boosted our speed a little - but that didn’t last
long - I effectively motored all the way, but in nice, bright

Written by : Jeanne Socrates