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7th August 2017 - B.C. Day - but I couldn't see B.C. across the Strait due to fog!

Monday 7th August 2017 Fuel and an overnight stay in Neah Bay, Makah Marina

With both autopilots down and no wind, it was a slow finish with hand steering needed to get to Cape Flattery and on to Neah Bay - often in thick fog.

The good news was carrying the flood tide up to and around Cape Flattery - we made excellent speed past Tatoosh Island, which houses the Cape Flattery light, in calm conditions but with a noticeable current trying first to take us inshore and then towards Duncan Rock and its associated shallows. I managed to keep us well away from those, helped by having been made only too aware of the strong current last time I came by this way - a useful piece of knowledge.

Other highlights of Monday's arrival in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Neah Bay:

Thick fog patches - strong wind dispersing some fog near land - sunny at times - fishing boat appeared unexpectedly close by in the fog

Turned boat in tight circles while getting fenders and lines on both sides - no AP use to make things simple but space enough.

Usual strong S wind in Neah Bay - impossible to tie up to fuel dock downwind - strong ebb current there adding to wind problem - waited and just managed to tie up, with help, on shorter upwind side.

No response from Marina office - so tied up with difficulty to commercial dock - but was then asked to move. Wind still strong so made sure I got help to tie up to new slip - needed it! (Plenty of strong fishermen around!)

Enjoyed 1) short, deep sleep 2) lovely hot shower 3) fillet and onions etc etc...

Planned tomorrow's journey - difficult long passage to Pt Angeles, probably foggy, at least to start with, to fill up with diesel - price far better there but I now have enough spare diesel in tank to push motor hard if needed.

Up at 6am hoping to arrive before dark - a 15-hr journey, hand steering the entire way....

Hope to post photos separately while underway tomorrow...

Written by : Jeanne Socrates