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8th August 2017 - Foggy Strait of Juan de Fuca ... again!

Tuesday 8th August 2017 Up early and away by 6 a.m. Fog everywhere but no wind. Strong ebb tide cutting down progress - boat speed is well over 6 kt but we're only making 3.7 kt SOG. Hoping for better speed soon, as ebb slackens and turns to flood. Problem is not much flood tide, mainly ebb, due to outflow from rivers. So ETA Pt Angeles will be far later than hoped for - will be a night-time arrival. Can't leave helm position for more than a few moments very occasionally - need to keep constant eye on course and watch for other boats. Dripping wet from fog, windscreen needs regular clearing. Hazy sun seen through fog - sea fog is hugging the water with just a hint of blue sky above. Got some breakfast ready before leaving this morning - time for that now, if I can grab it! Already had juice and coffee while underway - had to get those prepared in advance... Photos from yesterday showing wind blowing fog away on way to Neah Bay.

Written by : Jeanne Socrates